When I'm not performing I am the assistant director of a incredible program called Educated Little Monsters. ELM  started a few years ago with Jazo Brooklyn who was a mother seeing her Brooklyn Community change and no place for the kids of the neighborhood to hangout. Gentrification displaces so many people and community organizations and ELM is facing that as we speak. 

    Silent Barn is closing and that is where we hold all of our classes. ELM can't survive without a home base so we are asking people to donate and support the mission. ELM teaches live band, theater, hip hop and dance. It gives kids the opportunity to learn in an environment that they don't normally have. Giving kids the chance to expand their horizon when others may tell them is is impossible is our mission. With your help our work can continue. Click the link and learn about the movement. 

To Be Seen And Heard- She has a title folks.

When I thought about what this latest EP was about. I kept thinking about the struggle of black women's voices to be heard. How quickly our stories can be told by someone else or disappear from the narrative. So I decided the EP has to be called TO BE SEEN AND HEARD. We have a voice and deserved to be heard. Our bodies deserve to be seen. So here we go.....I'm terrified but since I fear it I must do it. 

Here We Go. 

Thought I was going to drop a single....

It's been 2 years since I released a project and I think I'm ready to start sharing all the things I have been working on. I thought I would just put out a single but, I kept writing and more music kept happening. It all has an underlying message. This EP is dedicated to the resistance and resilience of Black Women. I have figured out a title for the project yet but I know it will come to me soon. 

Baby's first tour.

In a few weeks Me and the guys of Something Major are headed to DC and New Jersey for a mini tour. It's the first tour and I was able to book it myself. It wasn't an easy task and to be honest I almost lost my mind but, it happened and I CAN'T WAIT. So if you are in DC come to the Ivy Smokehouse July 28th. Let's vibe y'all. New Jersey we are at The Saint in Asbury Park. Its gonna be fun!